Start Your New Business Quickly

There are many reasons you can tell yourself for not starting that business you have wanted to start for a long time now. Things like, the economic climate is uncertain. Life is uncertain so that really doesn't hold water. You don't know where to begin or it will cost too much or it will take up a lot of time. No, no and no to all of those. It will not take too much time or cost too much money for you to set up your own business with the help of Go Corporate. They can get your incorporation BC started in about 5 minutes, well, maybe 10 minutes. All you do is choose the package depending on the type of business you want to start, answer some questions about your business and they will do all the rest. You will have a confirmation Email in as little as 24 hours and no later than 3 business days.

You will also have access to free information that will be useful in business such as an example of an Annual Report form, or a guide to help you choose a business name, or the entire Partnership Act for reference. You can learn the difference between a shareholder and a director ( one owns the company and one manages the company) or follow useful links to the Canada Revenue Agency if you so desire. The most important to keep in mind it that your business name is not protected in a proprietorship or a partnership, but it is with a standard or multi-class incorporation.

There are three packages from which to choose, each with its own advantages and features. The proprietorship/partnership option gets you a business name from one of the three choices you submit, a federal business number and how to register a business in bc begins your application for a business license. Features include low start up costs, and no paperwork required for you to fill out. The standard incorporation adds instant credibility to your business and protects you from personal liability. It features 1 class of shares, a 24 hour turnaround and greater tax flexibility. You can also choose to incorporate in BC with a multi-class incorporation that allows you to leverage investment income, gives you 4 classes of shares and includes a Minute Book.

You can leave the paperwork and processing headaches to experienced professionals while you focus on beginning your business. You know you want to give it a try and you really believe you can make a go of it, so get yourself started. Leave behind the excuses and begin your path to success.